GP60 Powerful Extended Range Proximity Reader

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The GP60 is a powerful extended range proximity reader ( RFID ) , it has compact dimensions and a read range of up to 60 cm . Supply voltage may be from 5 to 13.5 Vdc, this makes it particularly suited to access control ,car parking and through-wall reading applications. The GP60 can be configured to output most of the common interface formats ,including ...

RS-232 serial ASCII output

This makes it easy to upgrade in existing installations.

Externally programmable interface
Long read range
Potted for environmental protection
Small outline
Weather resistant
Wide voltage supply range

GP60R :RS-232 interface
GP60W :Wiegand interface
GP60M :Mag-stripe interface

Power Requirements:5~13.5 volt regulated DC,350 mA . A linear 12 volt regulator is advised ,but the GP60 will work with a range of supplies,
RS-232:Serial ASCII , 9600 ,N,8,1
Wiegand:26 bits
Magstripe: ISO ,ABA TK2 emulation
Read Range: up to 60 cm at 13.5 Vdc with ISO card in ideal conditions
Frequency: 125KHz ,ASK
Format: 64 bits ,Manchester coding
Transponder: Read only
Chip type : EM H4001/4002 compatible
ID code : 10 digits in Hex
125 KHz ,ASK 64 bits ,Manchester coding
Rate timing : MOD 64 (64 clocks per bit) Audio/ Visual Indication : Internal LED and Buzzer
External buzzer control also available
Dimensions: W210 * H210 * D35 mm
Temperature Range :-10 to 60 Deg. C

Any Long Range Reading Applications including ...
Access Controls Car parking systems
Through-wall Reading Applications
Time and Attendance

Please call for latest price

Product Currency 1+ 5+ 25+
GP8 £ (Pounds) 40.75 37.35 33.95
GP20 £ (Pounds) 57.05 52.30 47.55
GP30 £ (Pounds) 73.35 67.25 61.15
GP60 £ (Pounds) 325.95 298.77 271.60

Best value 125 Khz RFID tags Available
Product Currency 1+ 10+ 100+ 500+ 1,000+ 5,000+
KeyFob £ (Pounds) 2.45 1.55 0.95 0.62 0.51 0.41
Disc £ (Pounds) 2.45 1.55 0.95 0.62 0.51 0.41