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previously been offered by
Zygo Systems Limited

Remote Control handsets for
Electronic Voting Systems
Audience Response Systems

We can supply
IR Voting Keypads
RF Voting Keypads

UK customers looking to hire then click here.

These handsets appear to be similar to those handsets in many products.

However each handset is able to receive and transmit data.

The handsets can also be synchronized allowing 100's of handsets to be used in a room at the same time without causing interference with each other.

These voting systems are also called audience keypad system, audience keypads systems, audience response systems, audience voting systems, keypad voting, PowerPoint voting keypad, game show voting.

Typical use of the handset is for Voting, Conferencing, game shows (like who wants to be a Millionaire). Schools, Colleges, Training Rooms

customized software available for various applications.
Control software available for windows application's including Active X codes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access

Auto Sleep Mode
2 colour status LED

Matching Receiver with RS232 or USB interface

Battery Low Warning
2 colour LED can be controlled independently from host

LCD Display
Product badged with your company name for qty of 100+ Handsets
OEM Branding
Credit Card Sized Keypad

World Wide Distributors required

Now Available in Custom Moulds for OEM Buyer's
See sample's below

CREDIT CARD SIZE Interactive Handset

For more information on this product email to

IR Host Control & Typical OEM Handset

Techrem Limited
The Old Forge
Nuneham Courtenay
OX44 9NX


We are able to provide standard and custom software

For OEM users we can provide sample code and a complete application in Visual Basic, Visual Studio or VB.NET

We can also provide free of charge a complete user solution IMPACT EXPLORER LITE

This is a software solution provided by Interactive software specalist Banxia

who also provide the following software

Frontier Analyst® performance measurement

Decision Explorer® ideas mapping & strategy

CoNexus® Powerful meeting room software for strategy, market presearch and group evaluations.

We are happy to work with Software providers that are interested in implementing our hardware

All brand names and trademarks are acknowledged to their respective owners